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Rev. Olav T. Kitchen

Rev. Olav Kitchen is celebrating his 43th year as an Ordained Minister.
He became a minister of the United Church of Canada, June 4, 1976, and is a graduate of Emmanual College.

Rev. Olav T. Kitchen

    The goals of Olavís ministry are:
    - to preach the gospel of Christ in a relevant way for all ages.
    - to be Christís presence in pastoral care and assist in a
         personís faith journey.
    - to aid Godís people in discovering and doing their
        unique ministry.

Olav believes in a loving caring God who wants us to live life fully and has come to us in Jesus, the Word made Flesh. Jesus is the head of the church and we serve Him. Olav has been involved in the broader community working with the Royal Canadian Legion and has had various roles in the Scouting movement.

Olav was born in Chengtu, China where his parents were missionaries. His father had been in China since 1920, where he was manager of the United Church Mission Press. His mother, was a medical missionary from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Norway. After being forced out of China, the family came to Ontario. Olav grew up in Orono, Ontario and Niagara Falls, Ontario. He earned a B.A., degree at Acadia University, Nova Scotia, in 1973, before enrolling at Emmanuel College, Toronto. He earned his M.Div. degree and was ordained by Hamilton Conference in 1976. He has ministered in Saskatchewan, Alberta and Southern Ontario.

I enjoy working with the members of the Ruthven Pastoral Charge in serving Jesus on the pastoral charge and in the community.