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Covid 19 Information


2021 Worship Service Outline

Scripture Readings are from The Message, Hymns from Voices United

Sunday Worship in our Church Buildings have been suspended
and a review of the decision will be made at a later date.

Services are being zoomed Sunday mornings at 10am.
To join our Zoom Services please contact by email our Minister Rev. Olav Kitchen
or call/text at 519-566-7626 to receive the link for the Services.
All are welcome!

If you would like the link to join our Services
you may call/text 519-566-7626 or
email the our Minister, Rev. Olav Kitchen.
A copy of the Services may be emailed to you per request
during the corona virus pandemic. Please see below.

The office at this time is still open and the minister,
Rev. Olav T. Kitchen is available by phone 519.566.7626 or text.

All meetings will be through Zoom.
You may call the office at 519.326.3138 or email

Worship Service for Epiphany to Transiguration, 2021

Worship Service for Lent, Easter and Holy Humour, 2021

Lectionary, April 18 to June 27th 2021

Worship Services for 2020