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We Strive to be a Nut and Fragrance Free Facility

Please help us provide a safer and more comfortable environment
         for our congregation members,
         staff, renters, and members of the public by refraining from bringing in
         nuts and wearing/using scented products.

Choir Practices - Thursday Nights - 7:30pm - Choir Practice

       Olinda-Ruthven - Choir Director and Organist - Lynn Mailhoit.             

       Trinity - Choir Director and Organist - Margaret Pare

The week of October 13 to October 20 we pray for

       Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico

       Ilderton-Birr United Church, Ilderton ON

       The Children and teachers at Callebasse Christian School, Haiti
       and all Children around the World

The week of October 20 to 25 we pray for

       The Caribbean: Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba,
       Bahamas, Barbados, Cuba, Curaçao, Dominica,
       Dominican Republic, Grenada, Guyana, Haiti,
       Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Sint Maarten,
       St Kitts-Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent
       and the Grenadines, Suriname,
       Trinidad and Tobago

       Dawn Valley-Oil Springs United Church, Oil Springs, ON

       The Children and teachers at Callebasse Christian School, Haiti
       and all Children around the World


Thanks to your help Miklos Galata was able to raise $700,
enough to sponsor 2 students at our Callebasse Christian School, Haiti.

This Week

Tues Oct 22 - Thurs Oct 24 - Olinda-Ruthven Meat Pies.
       Get your order in for yours. Pick up of your pies,
       12-3pm on Thurs Oct 24. Call 519.324.9664, $2.50 each.

Fri Oct 25    6pm    Pizza and Games night at Olinda-Ruthven.

Fri Oct 25    7pm    Trinity Father and Son Banquet.
       Adults $15, Children $7.50
       Call Margaret 519.733.3500.

Advanced Notices

Sun Oct 27    Youth Sunday at Olinda-Ruthven.
       Anniversary Service at Trinity.

Wed Oct 30    7pm    Outreach Committee Meet at

Sun Nov 1    All Saints Sunday.

Tues Nov 5    7pm    Olinda-Ruthven UCW Meet at

Thurs Nov 7    6:30pm    Olinda-Ruthven Stewards Meet at

Tues Nov 12    7pm    Trinity UCW Meet at

Wed Nov 13    6pm    M & P Committee Meet at

Thurs Nov 21    1pm    Worship Committee Meet at

Sun Nov 24       Last day to Order AVGEN Cards at
       from Olinda-Ruthven Sunday School.

Tues Nov 26    7pm    Official Board Meet at


Fri, Oct 25, 9am - 3pm and Saturday, October 26, 9am - 11am    
     Fall Rummage Sale
at Epworth United Church Memorial Hall,
      56 Division Street, South, Kingsville.

Sat, Oct 26th     5 - 6:30pm    Roast Beef Dinner
      at Wheatley United Church, 59 Talbot Street West, Wheatley.
      Limited tickets. Adults $18.00; Childlren 6-12 $10; Children 5 and under free.
      Call 519.825.7943, 519.825.7587.
      Proceeds to East Wall Restoration project at Church.

Sat, Nov 2nd     3-7pm    31st Annual Turkey Supper
      at Harrow United Church, 45 Munger, Harrow.
      Buffet-Style Turkey Supper. Adults $18; Children 7-12 $8. 6 and under free.
      Takeouts available. Call 519.738.4223.

Fri, Nov 15th     5pm   Chili Cook-Off & Toonie Auction
      at Harrow United Church, 45 Munger, Harrow.
      Chilli or Soup $5.
      Proceeds will go to new foof on Church.

Mon, Nov 18th   4:30-8pm    Haiti Missin Project
      Bethel-Maidstone United Church Fundraiser at
      A-1 Chinese Restaurant, 60 Talkbot St. N, Essex.
      Special Music "Some Guys Who Like To Sing".
      $14.95 + tax - Cash only, takeout available.
      Call 519.329.2787 or 519.723.2284.

Sat, Nov 23th     4:30-6:30pm    Harvest Home Roast Beef Dinner
      at Epworth United Church, 56 Divisin Street, South, Kingsville.
      Adults $18; Children 6-12 $8. 5 and under free. Takeouts available.

Thurs, Nov 28th     3-7pm    73rd Annual Turkey Dinner
      at Cottam United Church, 137 County Road 34 West, Cottam.
      Adults $18; Children 6-12 $9. 5 and under free. All takeouts are $18.
      Pre order takeouts available. Call 519.839.4266 or email

Sat Nov 30     10am - 2pm    Christmas Craft and Bake Sale
      at Epworth United Church, 56 Division Street South, Kingsville.


The V.O.N. Smart (Senior Maintaining Active Roles Together)
      is offering an exercise prevention program . Wednesdays 1:30-2:30pm.
      at Olinda-Ruthven. Call the certified senior fitness instructor Brenda J for details 519.326.7016.
      This program is provided at no cost

Haiti Mission Fund - Buckets for your donations are at the back of the two Churches.
             The Ruthven Pastoral Charge sponsors The Callebasse Christian School in Haiti.
             Your donations help feed the children, give them a uniform and pay the teachers.
             The last Sunday of the Month a collection will be taken for the School. Thanks!

Request for help:

Leamington Area Ecumenical Refugee Committee (LAERC)
         Inquiries can be directed to Sandie at 519-733-3788 or Wilma at
         519-733-3341 or Glenna at 519-324-0243.

Kingsville Food Bank Needs
      October    instant oatmeal, cans of flaked turkey,
      peanut butter, snack crackers, hygiene products (deodorant, shampoo, body wash),
      reusable cloth grocery bags

Downtown Mission Food Bank Needs
      Kidney Beans, Canned Stew, Small Jars of Jam, Flakes of Ham,
           Acsent brand of canned tomatoes.

           Please watch for expiration dates for Food Banks.


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