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Ruthven Pastoral Charge

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We Strive to be a Nut and Fragrance Free Facility

Please help us provide a safer and more comfortable environment
         for our congregation members,
         staff, renters, and members of the public by refraining from bringing in
         nuts and wearing/using scented products.


Choir Practices - Thursday Nights - 7:30pm

       Olinda-Ruthven - Choir Director and Organist - Lynn Mailhoit.             

       Trinity - Choir Director and Organist - Margaret Pare

This week:

The week of January 6-12 we pray for

      Iran, Iraq, Syria

      The Children and teachers at Callebasse Christian School

The week of January 13-19 we pray for

      Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia,
           United Arab Emirates, Yemen


Annual Reports to be in by January 13. Thanks.

Sunday January 13 - The Baptism of Jesus

Tues Jan 15     7pm       Olinda-Ruthven Sunday School Meeting.

Advance Notice:

Congregational Meetings - 1pm:
         Trinity                          February             3
         Olinda-Ruthven           February           10

Other Events


Haiti Mission Fund - Buckets for your donations are at the back of the two Churches.
             The Ruthven Pastoral Charge sponsors The Callebasse Christian School in Haiti.
             Your donations help feed the children, give them a uniform and pay the teachers.
             The last Sunday of the Month a collection will be taken for the School. Thanks!

Request for help:

Leamington Area Ecumenical Refugee Committee (LAERC)
         Inquiries can be directed to Sandie at 519-733-3788 or Wilma at
         519-733-3341 or Glenna at 519-324-0243.

Kingsville Food Bank Needs
      Kingsville Food Bank Needs Pudding Cups, Tins of Flaked Chicken and Ham, Canned Green Beans, Canned Fruit, boxes of Individual Hot Chocolate.

Downtown Mission Food Bank Needs
      Canned meat and fruit, pasta, rice, soups, chili,
      Tea: Instant coffee: Hot chocolate; Condiments - Salad Dressings,
      Sugar/Sugar Twin; Assorted spices: oxo cubes
           Please watch for expiration dates.


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