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Ruthven Pastoral Charge
Draft Official Board Minutes
Tuesday, September 27, 2022 - 7pm in Person at Trinity

Present: 17 persons in attendance

Co-Chair: Richard Dalton
    Paul Jones, Brenda Jones, Linda Hamilton, Bev Haggins, Dick Sharp, Lottie Sharp,
    Jana Blair, Barbara Whittle, Margaret Pare, Rob Pare,
    Margaret Lapoint, Mary Maedel, Marie Santos, Bonnie Monminie
       Rev. Olav Kitchen (Minister),
       Brenda Miller (Pastoral Charge Administrator,
       Secretary of Official Board)

Regrets: Tyler Hicks, Barbara Keyes, David Clifford,
    Doug & Karen Scott, Bill & Carolyn Kelly

Call to Order
Co-Chair, Richard Dalton called the meeting together at 7:00 p. m.

Welcome and Prayer
Richard welcomed everyone with a reading and prayer.

Motion: Moved and Seconded to accept the draft agenda. Carried.

Motion: M/S to accept the Draft Minutes of the last Meeting, Tuesday, May 31, 2022. Cd.

Unfinished Business: None

Correspondence: M & S The Charge received a certificate from the
    United Church of Canada for their contribution of $15,904.
    There was also a certificate for Trinity´s UCW donation of $1,500

Pastoral Charge Reports / Updates for information:

Minister: Olav informed us that he his getting use to doing two services
    again, since it has been since March 2020. He also appreciates the
    tech team as part of the worship team.
    Olav tries to have spoken videos for those using phones to join zoom
    so that they may know what is going on.
    For those missing a service we now have a YouTube Channel which
    he hopes to add an evening Devotional to and other special services.
    For those in the sanctuary unable to read the screen, large print order
    of services will be printed. People need to contact the office for a copy.

RPC Official Board Minutes     September 27, 2022      Page. 1

    Olav is kept busy with supporting the Windsor Veteran Memorial
    Services Committee and the Royal Canadian Legion as Chaplain of
    Zone A 1. Richard Dalton will be taking the Sunday Service of Oct 16th.
    Olav has given permission for a wedding to take place at Olinda-
    Ruthven with an other clergy to perform the ceremony and record it
    in their registry.
    Olav also continues to be a Commissioner of the 44th General Council
    and sits on the Human Resources Commission of Antler River
    Watershed Region. He is the Regional Liaison for the search committees
    of Riverside United Church and Leamington United Church.

Worship Committee: No Report

Ministry & Personnel Committee: Barbara Whittle
    Barbara reported that there had not been an official meeting, though
    members had been contacted by email regarding Olav´s vacation time
    and education leaves, etc.
    There will be a meeting set prior to the next Official Board for
    recommendations for 2023 salaries. Olav and Brenda to fill out questioner.

Reopening Committee: No report

Financial: Pastoral Charge:
    Tyler sent his Financial Report
    The charge is operating at a near break even.
    Payments to the Charge from Olinda-Ruthven $12,000 and
    Trinity of $8,000 had been decreased for a total of a $20,000 deficient.

Congregational Treasurers
David Clifford (via email)
     Olinda-Ruthven might break even this year. Our 2022 budget
     projects a $12,000 deficit, but it does not include $12,000 that
     the Pastoral Charge returned to us. Otherwise, donations and
    expenses are tracking close to plan.
Trinity: Marie Santos

Mission and Service (for Information)
    Olinda Ruthven    $4,713.62.    52% of $9,000 pledge
    Trinity     $3,619.00    41% of $8,750 pledge

RPC Official Board Minutes     September 27, 2022      Page. 2

Regional Reps: Richard Dalton & Lottie Sharp

Haiti Mission Project: – Maggie Lapoint
    Maggie reported that she sent $5,830.00 in U.S. to Haiti
       $1,200. for food    $100. @ month
       $600. A raise of $5 @ month for Teachers   2013 $50. @ month
       $1,080. Sponsorship
       $200. repairs to fence
       $2,750 11 Grads tuition
    Exchange to US funds $2,126.14
    Service Charge 10.00
    Bank Balance $1,206.20

GessTwood Camp: Lottie told us that GessTwood Camp is very nice for weddings and meetings

Ad hoc Essex County United Church Group (Glenwood United Church)
    David Clifford & Lottie Sharp
    Lottie used the outline that David sent her the meeting from Glenwood.
Blue Communities: Copy of the Report is in the Office
    Their next meeting will be Tuesday, November 15th at Glenwood United.

Motion: M/S that all Reports and Updates be accepted. Cd.

New Business

Website There was discussion on updating the Charge Website.
    Olav suggested checking out St. George United Church in
    British Columbia website.

Session Election of new Session Member for Olinda-Ruthven.

Motion: That Mary Baruth be appointed as a new (returning) member.

Next Regular Meeting November 22, 2022

Adjournment: Motion: M/S that the meeting be adjourned.

Closing Prayer: Olav closed with prayer at 7:55 p. m.