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Ruthven Pastoral Charge
Draft Official Board Minutes
Tuesday, November 29, 2022 - 7pm in at Olinda-Ruthven

Present: 16 persons in attendance

Co-Chair: Doug Scott
    David Clifford, Karen Scott, Jana Blair, Margaret Lapoint, Marie Santos, Richard Dalton,
    Margaret Pare, Rob Pare, Mary Baruth, Bonnie Monminie, Bev Haggins, Dick Sharp, Lottie Sharp

    Rev. Olav Kitchen (Minister),
    Brenda Miller (Pastoral Charge Administrator,
    Secretary of Official Board)

Regrets: Tyler Hicks, Barbara Keyes, Bill & Carolyn Kelly

Call to Order
    Co-Chair, Doug Scott called the meeting together at 7:00 p. m.

Welcome and Prayer Doug welcomed everyone with a reading and prayer on hope.

Motion: Moved and Seconded to accept the draft agenda. Carried.

Motion: M/S to accept the Draft Minutes of the last Meeting, Tuesday, September 27, 2022. Cd.

Unfinished Business: None

Correspondence: None

Pastoral Charge Reports / Updates for information:

Minister: No Report

Worship Committee: No Report

Ministry & Personnel Committee Rob Pare
    The minimal salary, set out by the National Church, for the minister.
    The Administrator salary up $250.00 a year.

RPC Official Board Minutes     November 29, 2022    Page 1

Reopening Committee: No report

Session: No report

Financial: Pastoral Charge     Tyler sent in his Financial Report and
    Bev Haggins reported on the statement.
    Bev reported that the two churches were given back $20,000
    at the 60/40 % split of overage in the charge account.
    The new budget includes Trinity´s internet service,
    about $114 a Month.
    Beginning bank balance was $30,134 and in the bank
    at this time $17,906.
    The two Churches are still owed their portion of the Ontario Business
    cost grant of $997. There is also $10,000. In a GIC.
    The proposed budget is very close to last years´ budget at $99,228.
    The budget presented was 50/50 and should have been a 60/40 split.
    After the correction Olinda-Ruthven $59,537 and Trinity $39,691.

Motion: M/S to accept the 2023 Draft Budget with the correction. Cd.

Mission and Service (for Information) as of end of October
    Olinda Ruthven    $5,922.00    of $9,000 pledge
    Trinity    $5,945.80    68% of $8,750 pledge

Regional Reps: Richard Dalton & Lottie Sharp
There was a regional meeting in October but not much to report.
Marie – If a church is already signed up with the United Church Hub,
the insurance will automatically be transferred to the UCC.

Haiti Maggie Lapoint
    Maggie reported on the fence that is being built for the School,
    she sent Nixon $3,525. Of her personal money. The 900.00 that has
    been collect, just about covered the exchange.
    Maggie transferred $3,875. Maggie needs $3,575 to be compensated
    for the money she sent from her pocket.
    Bank balance is $2,358.97. The school now have over 100 children.
    Maggie was able to send money for children going from 6-7, 7-8,
    But not able to send for the children to go on to high school.

RPC Official Board Minutes     November 29, 2022     Page 2

GessTwood Camp: No report
    Mary Maedel said the Camp is looking good.
    Painted buildings and landscaped.

Ad hoc Essex County United Church Group (Glenwood United Church)
    David Clifford & Lottie Sharp
    David reported, there is going to be a picnic planned for Sunday, June 4
    at GessTwood. A number of churches are planning actives.
    It is hoped that local United Churches would cancel their services.
    A joint choir is planned, BBQ as well as a tour of the facilities.
    Holy week – possibly some churches could have joint worship.
    Our website might qualify for a grant, from funds of the past
    Essex County Presbytery.
    The 2023 assessment is available on the Hub.
    Riverside is looking for a new minister. Epworth has a new minister.
    Leamington is also getting a new minister.
    Kim Gilliland from Cottam United Church is retiring the end of May
    Maggie mentioned that Cottam is building a duplex home for refugees
    from the Ukraine.

Motion: M/S that all Reports and Updates be accepted. Cd.

New Business Annual Reports: that the annual reports be in to the office by January 15.
    February 5 annual meeting at Olinda-Ruthven and February 12 for Trinity

Session Appointment of a new Session Member for Olinda-Ruthven to fill a vacancy.

Motion: That Lottie Sharp be appointed as a member for one year.

Website There was discussion on updating the Charge Website.
    What do we want for our new website?
    Bev mentioned Cottam had a slick neat and clean one.
    Easy to use for ordering a meal. Richard Myae from
    The fluent did Cottam´s website.
    Bev looked into financing, and who might have done it.
    Dinners and pies may be ordered from the site.
    Bonnie said that Bruce Durwood did the Military Museum
    And the cost was $4,000.

RPC Official Board Minutes     November 29, 2022     Page 3

    Rob said he may have someone interested that put the
    Kingsville First Baptist Church site together.
    Someone from Glenwood did theirs, but not interested in others.
    He had names of software packages that might be used.
    Brenda was thanked for the website that the Charge currently has.
    It was suggested that Rev. Catherine Collins-Barker son be contacted.
    There is to much information in the current website.
    To have the capability of receiving funds though the website for
    dinners, etc. though sometimes using credit cards there is a charge.

Next Regular Meeting     TBA

Adjournment Motion: M/S that the meeting be adjourned.

Closing Prayer: Olav closed with prayer at 8:15 p. m.