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Ruthven Pastoral Charge
Draft Official Board Minutes
Tuesday, November 23, 2021 , 7pm via Zoom

Present: 18 devices, 22 persons attended via Zoom
    Co-Chairs: Doug Scott and Richard Dalton
    Tyler Hicks, Jim Jensen, John Pare, Marg Pare, Bev Haggins,
    Barbara Keyes, Bonnie Monminie, Deanna Reid, Bob Reid,
    Dick Sharp, Lottie Sharp, David Clifford,
    Marie Santos, Jana Blair, Rob Pare,
    Barb Whittle, Karen Scott, Emily Imeson.
    Rev. Olav Kitchen (Minister),
    Brenda Miller (Pastoral Charge Administrator, Secretary of Official Board)

Absent: Reenie Nash, Cliff Balkwill, Stan Johnson, Bernard Nelson,
    Linda Hamilton, Mary Margaret Russelo, Rob Pettapiece,
    Trevor Hedge, Mary Maedel, Marg Fittler, Ethan Rumbles
    Maggie Lapoint; Phyllis Hicks, Richard Hicks, Bill Kelly,
    Carolyn Kelly, John Krey

Call to Order

Co-Chair, Doug Scott called the meeting together at 7:00pm

Welcome and Prayer
    Doug welcomed everone to the meeting.

Motion: Moved and Seconded The draft agenda be approved. Carried.

Motion: M/S that the Draft Minutes of the last Meeting,
           Tuesday, May 4th, 2021 be approved as sent out. Cd.

Correspondence –

    Glenwood and Harrow invitation to meetings about how churches are doing
    Lottie will go to both and Marie hopes to go to Harrow.
    There was a Certificate of Thanksgiving sent from Mission and Service
    to the Charge thanking us for the $20,001 sent in 2020.

RPC Official Board Minutes – November 23, 2021 Page. 1

Unfinished Business: Photo Directory –
    David Clifford reported that the Photo Directory was on it’s way.

Pastoral Charge Reports/Updates:

    Minister – Olav is pleased with the the number of persons
attending services both in person and via zoom.
Last June he was elected by the Region to be a Commissioner
to the 44th General Council of the United Church.

Olav is also Chairperson of the Human Resources Commission
of the Antler River Watershed Region.

Olav is planning in the spring to have a 4 Session Course for High Schoolers called Faith Quest.

Ministry & Personnel Com: Barb Whittle

M&P met last Thursday night, November 18 and gave a
recommendation to the Official Board regarding salaries for both
the minister and administrator.

Financial: Tyler Hicks

Tyler Presented the Financial Statement for 2021 and Budget for 2022.
Tyler mentioned we received Government support to
the Charge of $6,000.00 towards the minister's salary, reducing what each
church need to give.

The budget was adjusted for the Charge to pay for the new computers
and cameras, taking the $2,000.00 out of the conferences and add to
new equipment.

Motion: Moved and seconded that the $2,000.00 for conferences
be moved into new equipment. Cd.

Motion: M & S that the budget be approved. Cd.

Mission and Service - for information, donations to date:

Olinda Ruthven $5,811.01 as of Oct 31st    Pledge $9,000.00 52%
Trinity $4,760.00 as of Nov 19th    Pledge $8,750.00 54%

Region: Rick reported on the fall meeting of the Region.

RPC Official Board Minutes – November 23, 2021 Page. 2

Reopening Task Groups - Richard Dalton/Bill Kelly

Richard reported on the past meeting that we will be continuing
as we are. No need to contact the registrar Carolyn Kelly as we have
not exceeded the recommended capacity. People will need to sign in
upon arrival to the churches.
We will revisit protocol the first of the year.
As there could be extra people for Christmas Eve, they will need to
register with the pastoral charge office.
The capacity at for Christmas Eve at Trinity about 45-50.

Informal Teck Group: Thank you for your work. We still need helpers for the services: hosting, and screen sharing.

Haiti: Marg reported that she had talked to Maggie
and our school is doing ok, mostly because of the location.
Away from earthquake and violence area.
There have been e-transfers to Dixon which is safer.
There are 17 students in continuing education.
Bev suggested we send loose donations from the Christmas Eve Service to
Maggie for the Callebasse Christian School.
Lottie said the benevolent fund is doing okay at this time.

Motion: That we send loose donations from the Christmas Eve Service
for the Callebasse Christian School. Approved by consensus.

GessTwood Camp: Bev mentioned that there were Day Camps this year.

Worship Committee: Karen reported that we will continue alternating
between the two churches till Christmas, and will decided where we go after that.

Comfort and Joy Service December 5, during regular service time, 10am.
Donations in memory or in honour of people to go the Mission and Service Fund.
White Gift December 12 at Trinity proceeds will go to the Kingsville Food Bank
and Kingsville Goodfellows.
Christmas Eve at Trinity 7pm
Christmas Day Zoom with Olav from his home.
Sunday, January 2 regular service at Olinda-Ruthven.

Motion: to accept all reports. Cd.

RPC Official Board Minutes – November 23, 2021 Page. 3

New Business

Motion: to Approve Brenda Jones to use Pastoral Charge facilities to assist people to do their taxes. Cd.

Set Dates for Annual Meetins (Reports in by Jan 16)
     Available Jan. 23rd, 2022

Congregational Meetings: Olinda Ruthven: Jan. 30th
Trinity: Feb. 6

There was discussion on the following motion.

That all worship leaders, in the sanctuary are required to be
fully vaccinated. This includes, but is not limited to, all clergy,
Licensed Lay Worship Leaders, preachers, organists/ choir
directors, choir members, scripture readers, and greeters.

How do we police this?

It was decided that it be on the honour system.
Medically exempt to be added to the motion.
It doesn’t say anything about needing to be vaccinated
to attend the service. Everyone is welcome to
attend. Scripture reading may be done via zoom.
The Regional Executive didn’t give suggestions for policy.

Motion: That all worship leaders, in the sanctuary are required
to be fully vaccinated or medically exempted. This includes, but is not limited to,
all clergy, Licensed Lay Worship Leaders, preachers, organists/choir directors,
choir members, scripture readers, and greeters.

The minister was thanked for all his work along with the new technology.
It was also mentioned that the technology will be useful in the coming years.

Next Regular Meeting - TBA

Adjournment – Motion to Adjourn. Cd.

Closing Prayer: Olav closed with prayer at 8:26pm