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Ruthven Pastoral Charge

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Ruthven Pastoral Charge
Draft Official Board Minutes
Tuesday, May 31, 2022 - 7pm via Zoom

Present: 12 devices, 16 persons attended via Zoom
    Co-Chairs: Doug Scott and Richard Dalton
    Paul Jones, Brenda Jones, Bill Kelly, Carolyn Kelly, Linda Hamilton,
    Bev Haggins, Dick Sharp, Lottie Sharp, Jana Blair, David Clifford,
    Rob Pare, Karen Scott,
    Rev. Olav Kitchen (Minister),
    Brenda Miller (Pastoral Charge Administrator,
    Secretary of Official Board)

Regrets: Tyler Hicks, Barbara Whittle, Barbara Keyes

Call to Order
Co-Chair, Richard Dalton called the meeting together at 7:00 p. m.

Welcome and Prayer
Richard welcomed everyone with a reading "Shaped in God·s Hands".

Motion: Moved and Seconded to accept the draft agenda. Carried.

Motion: M/S to accept the Draft Minutes of the last Meeting, Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Motion: M/S to accept the Draft notes from the Special Meeting of March 15, 2022 as sent out. Cd.

Correspondence - No Report

Pastoral Charge Reports / Updates for information:

Minister ¬ No report.

Worship Committee ¬ Karen Scott reported that the committee are thankful
    that we have both in person and zoom, where people may participate.
    The Breakout Rooms are very important, providing Christian
    Fellowship for those unable to attend in person.

RPC Official Board Minutes ¬ May 29, 2022      Page. 1

Worship Outline for Summer

Sunday worship will continue to be a 10 a. m. alternating between the
    two churches. Summer Services for July will be at Trinity and August
    and including Sept 4th, Labour Day Weekend will be at Olinda-Ruthven.
    Starting September 11, we look forward to being back to two services
    each week. 9:30 a. m. at Olinda-Ruthven and 11 a. m. at Trinity.

Summer Services:
    At Trinity ¬      July 3, 10, 17, 24, 31.
    At Olinda-Ruthven ¬ Aug. 7, 14, 21, 28, Sept. 4

Minister away ¬ vacation and General Council
Sunday June 19 Father´s Day ¬ Youth Service at Olinda-Ruthven
Sunday July 3 The Bridge
Sunday July 10 Richard Dalton
Sunday July 24 Linda Lynch ¬ Kingsville Food Bank
Sunday August 7 UCW Service.

Ministry & Personnel Committee ¬ no report

Financial: Pastoral Charge ¬ No Report
    Congregational Treasurers Olinda-Ruthven ¬ David Clifford
    We are doing okay, since the Central tresury adjusted the contributions.
    Trinity ¬ No Report

Mission and Service (for Information)
    Olinda Ruthven    $2,594.62 as of April 30. Pledge $9,000 pledge
        Donations are up from last year.
    Trinity        $1,967.00 Pledge $8,750 pledge

Reopening Task Groups: Contiue wearing masks and registering upon
    entering the building. Hymn books returned to pews.

Other Reports/Updates ¬ Lottie GessTwood Camp.
    Lottie reported that with camp donations and grants they are doing okay.
    The 2020 the camp was closed and last year they had only day camps.
    There are about 100 children registered so far this year and 30 staff.
    Renovations and have been done and the cabins are all heated now.
    If we wanted to do an outdoor service or picnic Karen Seguin is the
    contact person. They are looking into having a tent for poor weather
    conditions. The rope course is closed for this summer.

Acceptance of Reports and Updates:

Motion: M/S that all Reports and Updates be accepted. Cd.

RPC Official Board Minutes ¬ May 29, 2022      Page. 2

New Business ¬ David Clifford shared that he was in contact with
    Glenwood United Church, regarding their Sunday morning technology.
    He is looking to connect with them shortly.

Next Regular Meeting ¬ TBA

Adjournment ¬ Motion: M/S that the meeting be adjourned.

The meeting ended at 7:25pm with a prayer from Olav.

Secretary ¬ Brenda Miller

RPC Official Board Minutes ¬ May 29, 2022      Page. 3