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Olinda-Ruthven Annual Congregational Meeting for 2022 Ruthven Pastoral Charge
Sunday, February 5, 2023 @ 1pm
in person & by Zoom

Attendance: Rev Olav Kitchen, Doug & Karen Scott, Ida Smith, Lynn Mailhoit, Linda Lauzon, Paul & Brenda Jones, Tony & Karen Cianfarani, Dick & Lottie Sharp, Linda Patkau, Brenda Miller, Jana Blair, Margaret Lapoint, Mary Baruth, and Linda Hamilton (18).

Paul Jones played some music for us while everyone was gathering.

Rev Olav Kitchen opened the meeting with a prayer, remembering those in our church family who have passed, and honouring those who were married and baptized in 2022.

Motion: That Doug Scott be appointed Chair for the meeting and Linda Hamilton as Secretary. Seconded. Carried.

Reminder that Adherents have voting privileges.

Adoption of the Agenda for the meeting.

Motion: That the minutes of the Jan 30, 2022 annual meeting be accepted as printed. Seconded. Carried.


Ministerís Report

Ministry of the Pastoral Charge

Worship Committee Report

Ministry & Personnel Committee Report

GessTwood Camp Fund

Benevolent Fund

Mission & Service Fund

Haiti Mission Project Report & Financials

Ruthven Pastoral Charge Financial Report

Motion: That all Official Board Reports from the 2022 Annual Report be accepted as printed. Seconded. Carried.


Session Report

Memorial Fund & Estate Bequests Financial Statements

UCW Report & Financial Statement

Choir Report

Scripture Reading Report

Audio Visual Report

Hall Rental Report

Sunday School & Financial Statement

Stewards & Trustees Report & Financial Statements

Motion: To accept all Congregational Reports as printed. Seconded. Carried.

Motion: To increase the Hall Rental fee to $175 plus a $50 security deposit. Seconded. After discussion on fees & cleaning the motion was amended.

Amended Motion: To charge $200 for Hall Rentals plus $50 Security Deposit to be returned if the hall is in good order & cleanliness. Seconded. Carried.

David Clifford had presented his Financial Report and Proposed 2023 Budget on a previous Sunday after the service. Our Mission & Service givings for 2022 were $7,928.19, we did not reach our goal of $9,000. Special thanks to Jana for her wonderful M&S pep talks!

Motion: To accept the 2023 Budget as printed. Seconded. Carried.

Motion: To set the 2023 Mission & Service goal at $9,000. Seconded. Carried.


Session: no change

Stewards: David Clifford & Jana Blair renew until 2027. Doug Scott has stepped down as Chairperson and David Clifford has graciously agreed to be the new Chair.

Trustees: no change

Ministry & Personnel Committee: Linda Patkau has been added, term to end 2026.

Motion: To accept all changes made to elected personnel. Seconded. Carried.


Brenda Jones thanked everyone for allowing her to continue with her Income tax clinic.

Rev Olav closed the meeting with a prayer.