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Scribed names on the Bricks of Trinity United Church

These are the names inscribed into the bricks below the windows on the east side of the Church facing McCain Side Road. They belong to those who attended Sunday School either as students or teachers, some of the children went to S. S. No. 10 Gosfield South, New California School. (this list on the bricks and other articles are found in the Narthex of the Church.)

Allen, Artie    Fox, Marjorie Oxley, Armand    Vickers, Ella
Allen, Ethel Grainger, Eva Oxley, Everett Vickers, Lloyd
Allen, Flossie    Grainger, Eletta Oxley, Grace Wigle, Artie   
Allen, Laura Grainger, Fred Oxley, Myrtle Wigle Eldon
Allen, Lena    Grainger, Ida Smith, William Wigle, Garth
Allen, Leroy    Grainger, T. H. Stewart, Anne Wigle, Hazel
Allen, Lizzie Haigth, Lavina Stockford, Della Wigle, Jennie
Allen, Mabel Harvey, Henry Stockford, Olive Wigle, Lambert
Allen, Olive Hicks, Henry Sullivan, Mary Wigle, Lawrence
Allison, Addie Hicks, Edwin Sweetman, Evelina Wigle, Lester
Barnett, Mary Iler, Edith Sweetman, Florence Wigle, Lillie
Barnet, Wilford    Iler, Gladys Sweetman, Isabel    Wigle, Linnie
Baruner, J. C. Keyes, Joseph Sweetman, Mytrle Wigle, Maude
Carruthers, Earl    Keyes, William Sweetman, Truella Wigle, Netie   
Carruthers, Gerald Lanning, Edith Thorpe, Alvin Wigle, Ueulah
Cascadden, Annie    Lanning, Gertrude Thorpe, Edith Williamson, Ann
Coghill, Leila    Leeming, Ella Thorpe, Edith Williamson, Bertha
Dalton, Elsie Leeming, Annie Thorpe, John Williamson, Elrick
Dalton, Milford Malott, Edna Thorpe, Isabel Williamson, Viva
Dalton, Etta Malott, Eva Thorpe, Roy Wrightman, Myrtle
Dalton, Nora Jane Moore, Delilah Townsend, Fred
Dalton, Wilber Moore, Elva Townsend, Minnie
Drake, Beatrice Nelson, Earl Townsend, Vernor
Drake, Eliza Nelson, Elsie


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