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Ruthven Pastoral Charge

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1. Assistive Devices which are available at the Olinda-Ruthven United Church and where assessable:
      a. Large print bulletins – in sanctuary
      b. Large print Hymn books – in sanctuary
      c. Large print Bibles – in sanctuary
      d. Speakers/sound system – in sanctuary and in hall
      e. Hearing aid devices - in sanctuary
      f. Lift to sanctuary – access from lower entrance hall
      g. Parking, washrooms, church hall, and sanctuary are assessable
      h. CD’s of worship service – in church office
      i. No fragrances or scented candles in church or hall
      j. Padded pews in the sanctuary and chairs in the church hall
      k. Bulletin boards/posters
      l. Bulletins on line with announcements and special events
      m. E-mails

2. Maintenance of Assistive Devices responsibility of:
      a. sound system – Committee of Stewards/UCW
      b. hearing aids - Committee of Stewards/UCW
      c. lift - Committee of Stewards/UCW

3. Flyers and web site state we are assessable.

4. Usher (s) each Sunday will be responsible for ensuring someone is available
      downstairs and up stairs to assist any parishioner or guest using the lift.

5. Notice of temporary disruption of our services or facility shall be provided
      by staff or Accessibility Committee

6. The Accessibility Committee will plan and co-ordinate the accessibility
      procedures and practices for our parishioners and staff who could be required to
      provide assistance to person with accessibility issues. Includes:
     - staff
    - ushers
    - others

7. Accessibility Committee Feedback Form will be available:
      a. In Narthex of our church
      b. Entrance to hall
      c. on line

8. Receipt of Feedback (complaint):
      - Accessibility Committee chairperson or committee member will receive feedback form.
      - committee members will review and discuss with other appropriate individual(s) as required
      - if complaint, respond to complainant verbally and/or in writing within 14 days of
           receipt of feedback if possible
      - record of participant feedback shall be maintained by Accessibility Committee
      - privacy of complaint will be strictly maintained

9. Duties of ushers will be defined and available at the sign-up book rooster.

Olinda-Ruthven's Customer Service Policy

Olinda-Ruthven's Acessibility Feedback Form