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Ruthven Pastoral Charge
Draft Official Board Minutes
Monday, May 11, 2020, 7pm via Zoom

Attendance: 22 people participated via Zoom:
       Co-Chairs Douglas Scott and Richard Dalton
       Barbara Whittle, Carolyn Kelly, Bill Kelly, Margaret Pare, John Pare,
       Beverly Haggins, David Clifford, Tyler Hicks, Marie Santos,
       Bill Kelly, John Pare, Beverly Haggins,
       Bonnie Monminie, Dick Sharp, Jim Jensen, Sandie Hutchinson,
       Nancy Nelson, Robert Pare, Jana Blair with ‘Murphy’,
       Deanna Reid, Bob Reid, Karen Scott
       Rev. Olav Kitchen (Minister), Brenda Miller (Secretary)

Welcome and Prayer

A Meeting of the of Ruthven Pastoral Charge Official Board began at 7:03pm

Olav welcomed every one, followed with prayer.

The Co-Chair, Richard Dalton welcomed everyone and gave a prayer.

The draft agenda was approved and a prayer was then given.

Motion: Moved and Seconded The draft agenda was approved. Carried.

Motion: M/S the Minutes of the last Meeting Tuesday, November 26, 2019 and the Special Executive Meeting of Monday, April 13th be received for information. Cd.

Unfinished Business

It was noted that some of Trinity’s pictures taken for the Pictorial have been delivered to members. Still waiting for Olinda-Ruthven’s pictures.

Minister’s Report

2020    Official Board Minutes    RPC          Page. 1

Several thanked Olav for the Newsletter and Worship Service that has been sent out weekly to everyone. It is enjoyed by many.

Doug thanked Olav for his decision to be our Minister for another 5 years.

Regional Council Representative

To fill the vacancy for an Olinda-Ruthven Representative

Motion: M/S that David Clifford be a representative for Olinda-Ruthven. Cd.

For information: Our Representatives to the Antler River Watershed Region are:
     Olinda Ruthven-- Lottie Sharp and David Clifford
                   Trinity-- Richard Dalton and Marie Santos

Financial Information

Pastoral Charge – Tyler
Tyler has looked into a loan of $40,000, which he found that we are ineligible. He is also looking into the 10% and 75% wage subsidy plan. The 10% should be no problem. Bev is working on a spread sheet for the 75%. It looks like we may qualify. The Charge is doing okay at this time with about $16,000.00 in the bank. Money is still coming from the two churches to pay expenses. Funds from the sale of the Manse ($10,000 GIC) could that be used if needed.

Olinda Ruthven – David
The bank balance has gone down and the budget that Olinda-Ruthven projected already had a short fall from the last few years, without this virus. The good news is that several people have been sending monies in, via cheques, e-transfers, PAR and increasing their giving’s. April exceeded our expected donations and doing well without the Hall Rentals and Broasted Chicken Dinner.

Trinity – Marie
There have been donations by e-transfers, which Marie really likes, some from PAR. Missing the Roast Beef Dinner, the income is down about $7,400.00 from last year. The General Fund Bank Balance is $11,940.91 plus GIC and Memorial Fund.

2020    Official Board Minutes    RPC          Page. 2

Funding - Marie
MonexGroup - Marie was contacted about giving through this group. Cost $250, plus $30.00 a month. She doesn’t feel it is a good fit. CanadaHelps – One account for Charge. It goes into Olinda-Ruthven funds then sent to Trinity if designated. One donation so far through them.

Motion: M/S That the e-mail notification go to the Church Office and
the office will notify the Church Treasurers. Cd.

E-Transfers - It was suggested that we promote the E-Transfer.
It is easily done and free. David volunteered to give the office instructions to be sent out.

Olav closed the meeting with prayer at 7:47pm

2020    Official Board Minutes    RPC          Page. 3