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Ruthven Pastoral Charge
Draft Official Board Minutes
Tuesday, May 4, 2021 , 7pm via Zoom

Present: 22 devices, 28 persons attended via Zoom
    Co-Chairs: Doug Scott and Richard Dalton
    Phyllis Hicks, Richard Hicks, Bill Kelly, Carolyn Kelly,
    Jim Jensen, Sandie Hutchinson, John Pare, Marg Pare,
    Bev Haggins, Bonnie Monminie, Deanna Reid, Bob Reid,
    Dick Sharp, Lottie Sharp, David Clifford, Jana Blair,
    John Krey, Marie Santos, Marilyn Hedge, Rob Pare,
    Barbara Keyes, Barb Whittle, Karen Scott, Emily Imeson.
    Rev. Olav Kitchen (Minister),
    Brenda Miller (Pastoral Charge Administrator, Secretary of Official Board)

Regrets: Maggie Lapoint, Tyler Hicks,
Absent: Reenie Nash, Cliff Balkwill, Stan Johnson, Bernard Nelson,
    Linda Hamilton, Mary Margaret Russelo, Rob Pettapiece,
    Trevor Hedge, Mary Maedel, Marg Fittler, Ethan Rumbles

Call to Order

Co-Chair, Richard Dalton called the meeting together at 7:02pm

Welcome and Prayer
    Richard opened the meeting with prayer
    and a reading from Our Daily Bread
    “Fireworks of Life”.

Motion: Moved and Seconded The draft agenda be approved. Carried.

Motion: M/S that the Draft Minutes of the last Meeting,
           Tuesday, November 24, 2020 be approved as sent out. Cd.

Unfinished Business: Photo Directory –
    David Clifford reported that we were getting closer
    to having the finished Photo Directory.
    He received a proof copy and made some updates.
    Barbara Keyes thanked Bonnie and Marg for helping
    proof read Trinity’s portion of the directory
    while she was unwell.

Correspondence – None

RPC Official Board Minutes – May 4, 2021       Page. 1

Pastoral Charge Reports/Updates:

Minister – Olav shared the Funeral Services which he conducted since the last meeting.
    Remembering Madeline Smith, Grace Ducharme, and
    Mel Thorpe. He also officiated at the marriage of Zac and Dana Tytgat.
    Once covid restrictions lift, they will have a ceremony and celebration
    of their marriage.
    Olav is working a lot on Zoom and showed some cartoons,
    which will be in the upcoming Circuit Rider

Ministry & Personnel Com:   Barb Whittle
    For information - the committee approved Olav’s vacation from July 1
    to 22nd. This includes the Sundays of July 4, 11, and 18th.
    The Worship Committee will make arrangements for those Sundays.

    Olinda-Ruthven – David Clifford, finances are close to budge.
    Trinity – Marie Santos said finances are tracking close to last year.

    Marie brought forth a motion from Trinity’s Annual
    Congregational Meeting of Sunday, February 21, 2021.
    Marie mentioned that our budget should be down, example: the
    Regional Meeting is being conducted over the internet and so there
    is no expense for our delegates to attend the Regional Meeting.

    That the Official Board approve a reduction in Olinda-Ruthven’s
    yearly financial commitment by $6,000 and Trinity’s by $4,000 to
    lessen the Charge bank balance by $10,000.00.
       The motion was CARRIED

Bev and Tyler are looking into if we are eligible for Federal support funds
    CEWS (Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy) this year.
    Bev told us our Assessment for this year is 2021 is $6,49.00,
    2022 is down $100.00, $6,388.

Mission and Service (for Information) End of April
    Olinda Ruthven - $2,272.10, Trinity - $630.00

RPC Official Board Minutes – May 4, 2021       Page. 2

Reopening Task Groups -Richard Dalton/Bill Kelly
    There have been 2 meetings. We are holding services by Zoom.
    The next meeting will be late May or early June.

MOTION: to accept all reports.    The motion was CARRIED

New Business
David informed us of a committee at Olinda-Ruthven, who are brain storming ideas to reach out to the community grow our Church family. They have come up with several ideas, and Olav has given some suggestions. Some of which will include Trinity, they are, modernizing the Pastoral Charge Website and working on a YouTube channel for the Pastoral Charge.
There is a congregational meeting scheduled for June 27 at 2pm when the committee will give a presentation to the congregation.

Next Regular Meeting - TBA

Adjournment – Motion to Adjourn. Cd.

Closing Prayer: Olav

RPC Official Board Minutes – May 4, 2021       Page. 3