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Ruthven Pastoral Charge

United Church of Canada

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Ruthven Pastoral Charge
Draft Executive Official Board Minutes
Monday, April 13, 2020, 7pm via Zoom

A Special Meeting of the Executive of Ruthven Pastoral Charge Official Board
began at 7pm via Zoom.

Welcome and Prayer

Attendance: 14 people participated via Zoom:
       Co-Chairs Douglas Scott and Richard Dalton
       Margaret Pare, Barbara Whittle,
       David Clifford, Carolyn Kelly,
       Bill Kelly, John Pare, Beverly Haggins,
       Karen Scott, Tyler Hicks, Marie Santos
       Rev. Olav Kitchen (Minister), Brenda Miller (Secretary)

Report from the Minister - Olav

Treasurers Report

2020    Official Board Minutes    RPC          Page. 1

Next Meeting of the Full Board



Chair: ________________________     Secretary: ____________________________

2020    Official Board Minutes    RPC          Page. 2