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Haiti Mission Project

Callebasse School in Haiti is in a mountainous area near Kenscoff. There are about 75 children who attend the school. The people in the area are mostly farmers growing garden crops to feed their family and to sell in the market place. Children seldom have the opportunity to go to school. Some are able to attend only occasionally after the planting or harvesting has taken place. Your sponsorship will provide the only chance many of these children will ever have for an education.

We started building the School at Callebasse about 15 years ago and it has come a long way. Since then other Churches have begun to help, Epworth and Bethel-Maidstone United Churches both with the School and building new homes following the Earthquake. There has been enough money raise to build 20 new homes.

Our school withstood the Earthquake, though many homes in the area were lost. In 2011 we had a fundraiser "Buy a block" and “Build A Home”.

We send money to the School for the Principle to purchase food for the families in Haiti at Callebasse. We collect money and have fundraisers to help feed the chldren and pay the teachers salaries. If you would like to donate, please make your cheque out to "The Haiti Mission Project" c/o Maggie Lapoint, 163 Victoria Avenue, Kingsville, ON N9Y 1T5, or the Church Office Ruthven Pastoral Charge, Box 370, Ruthven, ON N0P 2G0 . All proceeds go to the School, Education helping the Community. Donations of $20. or more will receive a tax receipt. Your help is greatly appreciated.

We also work with ACWAM and their sponsorship program.

ACWAM Website

For information on ACWAM
(Active Christians With A Mission)
please visit

If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please click on the Sponsorship Form, print and send your cheques to:
   ACWAM Outreach Ministries
   Box 372  105 Christina St. S.
   Sarnia,   ON   N7T   7J2

If you have any questions please contact Francine Hamel, the sponsorship coordinator for the school. She will contact you with additional information as well as a photo of your sponsored child.  Phone: 519-685-9254   Email;


"some of the School Children 2019"

Map of Haiti some of the School Children
The Callebasse School is near
Kenscoff, South of Port-au-Prince
Some of the Children
The School at Callebasse Callabasse children 2019
The SchoolSchool Children 2019



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